Presentation after presentation – upon reflection

Malo e lelei

Since returning from collecting my data in Tonga, in a span of four weeks I have had to deliver 3 presentations about my PhD study. Despite the fantastic feedback received, I can’t help but feel overwhelmed. Of the 3 presentations, to date, I have only delivered one. The remaining two presentations however, has caused me to feel anxious. Preparing the presentations alone and thinking about the design, academic content and appeal to the audience feels overwhelming. I don’t know how some academics do this! I’m not even sure whether this is normal in academia LOL

Upon reflection, my anxiety is because I cannot physically see words on paper to add to the 90,000 words required for my doctoral thesis. Although I was able to write at a recent retreat however, compared to the number of words I was able to write towards the chapters previously and now, has made me feel this way.

Therefore, a reminder to self – no more presentations until next year LOL.

Thank you Lord for the opportunity and the abundant blessings!


Thing 5 – Newsfeeder

I have subscribed to ‘feedly’ as a newsfeeder, so that I can organise my online reading. I chose ‘feedly’ because it seems to work well with google and my gmail address. I like the structures suggested.

Talanoa – a Pacific method of collecting and organising data

Talanoa is a research tool widely used by Pasifika researchers to conduct their research. Generally, talanoa means an “open conversation”. As a Tongan male, I have found the use of talanoa complex both in Tonga and New Zealand. I have found it difficult to use talanoa like an interview. Interviews are structured and systematic. Talanoa however, is not an interview. I’m grappling with the use of this method in collecting and organising the stories from my participants.

Provisional year done and dusted however, why do i still feel anxious?

Although I completed my provisional goals for the PhD programme in October 2014, why is it that I still feel anxious about the study? Today is the final day of the year and in 6 hours and 40 minutes, 2015 begins. Why do I still feel anxious?

Is it because I have only done one reading since the third week of November and up to now, I have not looked at any article or any other type of text related to my study? Such are thoughts that encompass my thinking when a new year is about to start. I guess that’s why in the United States of America and Canada, they celebrate “Thanksgiving day” in November to remember and be thankful for the current year’s harvests as well as their hopes for the preceding year.

Because of faith in The Lord Jesus Christ, I have learnt to be an optimist. I am hopeful that in the new year, I will be able to collect all my data from Tongan families in the Kingdom and in New Zealand by August of 2015. For the remainder of 2015, I will be able to start the analysis chapter.

A toast to 2014 for its challenges and blessings. As well as to 2015 – may you continue to challenge and provide blessings for all doctoral students at the School of Education, Epsom Campus, University of Auckland.

God bless and ‘Ofa lahi atu.

Thing 5

If you tried a feed reader, how did you like it? Do you see it as a useful tool, and do you think you will use it in future?

I am really enjoying working through the tasks. I am using feedly as a “feed reader” and it is very useful in terms of organising feeds into specific categories. Had i known how to use this tool earlier, it would have made life much easier. Thanks Create!